The study was carried out at eight research stations spread across North Carolina. The researchers evaluated two soybean fields at each station: one adjacent to an established area of pollinator habitat and one as far away as possible – generally just under a kilometre away.
North Carolina State University researchers discovered that soybean crops planted near pollinator habitat produce larger soybeans than soybean crops not planted near pollinator habitat. The researchers chose to focus on soybeans because they are a valuable crop grown in a number of states.

So there we have it – Soy beans benefit from pollination – and yet certain eating habits don’t allow those who follow that food consumption habit to consume honey (some do since they know its natural) but mmm go figure. Now each time I get a protestor moaning about how beekeepers exploit bees whilst they sip on a soya latte, having driven in their fossil fuelled vehicle I will show them this article.

Source and credit – Read the full article here – https://krishijagran.com/agriculture-world/soybean-crops-planted-near-pollinator-habitat-produce-larger-soybeans-research/

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