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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Adopt A Beehive

    Are you interested in Beehive Adoption?

    Do you want to join the Colony?

    Villa Carmen Honey offers a simple, Beehive adoption scheme which is open to anyone. (Individuals & Companies)

    By adopting a hive you are giving back to nature, but there is more!

    For just the cost of the actual Beehive (you can even supply it yourself) and a donation to a local charity, we offer a simple, highly competitive means of adopting a Beehive and in return you will receive:

    What we offer:

    • Reclaimed aluminium, coloured bespoke plaque with your company logo, affixed directly to your hive.
    • Choice of Beehives
    • High Resolution professional digital images of your Adopted Beehive
    • Optional 1 x Gift Set ( For EU Only)
    • One digital adoption certificate – A Laminated copy is available @ an additional cost (depends upon your location for postal costs)

    We publish regular, social media updates, including pictures and videos of your adopted beehives which enables you can share our content with your own social media network which then provides you with additional content for your social media stories around the positive environmental benefits of beehive adoption.
    Licence free, professional, high resolution images of your beehive, with your name / company branding.

    A Tree is planted for each Hive that is adopted. It will not offset your carbon footprint, but it helps the local environment and will be there in years to come.

    If you are interested in giving a little back to nature, saving bees and benefitting the environment contact VillaCarmen for more information on adopting a beehive.

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    Email: thequeenbee@villacarmenbees.com

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