Queen Bee Spotting

How to find the queen bee

Finding the queen bee is like a royal game of hide-and-seek. She’s distinguished by her size, longer abdomen, and often, the retinue of worker bees attending to her every need.

Keep a keen eye on the hive frames; she might be inspecting cells or laying eggs. Search Strategies: 1. Patience is Key: The queen doesn’t rush.(she can run when she wants ) Take your time observing each frame. She is extremely good at playing hide and seek.

2. Look for Royalty: The queen is larger, with a more elongated body.

3. Follow the Court: Worker bees attending to her are a clue.

4. Look for recent eggs or uncapped brood

5. Remember – capped brood is not a sign of a queen in residents

🌟 Why Find the Queen? Spotting the queen isn’t just a fun challenge; it’s an essential skill for beekeepers. It indicates hive health, the presence of a laying queen, and overall colony well-being

Remember –

🐝 Bee-Lieve in the Magic: #savethebees Every hive has its queen, a living symbol of the hive’s vitality. Let’s continue to support urban beekeeping, nurture our bee-friendly environments, and, most importantly, appreciate the intricate world of our buzzing companions. 🌼🍯

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